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I should probably stop spamming DA with TPP  shitHi, I’m alive \O/
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Hellhound concept for a possible comic i d e k
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Everything sucks and I’m dying
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Anonymous asked:
H HOW DO YOU MAKE SUCH PRETTY CHAR DESIGNS.. do you just start drawing and it comes out or is it premeditated ;~; do you have a thinking process when it comes to design..

Ahh;; Nooo, haha. Thank you for your kind comment * V*;;

I generally start with some sort of inspiration, but it’s not very concrete. It can really just be a desire to draw or to try something new.

Thought process wise, I tend to go through this order if it’s not already dictated by what I want to draw:

Boy or girl?

I tend to choose between modern or feudal. Sometimes I’ll attempt futuristic but those never turn out well;;


I’m notoriously bad for only choosing between like… Japan/China or England, so please learn from my mistakes and branch out faaaaar \O/ Because there are many countries in the world with very rich history/modern culture that can really influence how your design will go.

Even if it’s a fantasy design, I like to think it should still draw on some sort of realism * V*

General style?

Steampunk, goth, Victorian, kodona, urban modern etc.

This is usually facilitated by place, but I think it’s fun to try and mix two opposing styles and cultures together— like feudal kodona with an Egyptian flare, haha.


Here, I’ll pick one or several words/phrases to help me establish what I want to draw. It can be things like elegant, quiet, calm or rowdy, boisterous, flamboyant.

This usually helps with colour scheme, possibly pose (although there’s not much poses you can pick from when it comes to character design) and expression (Although again, sometimes it’s hard because I tend to want to give my characters as purely “blank slates”— so it’s up to your personal preference)

Uuuu— Other than that, I  tend to go completely out of order sometimes. Sometimes I’ll have a really clear idea what I want and there’s no thought process involved at all, but other times I’ll have to go back and forth through this list multiple times. ; v;

Oh— Sometimes, the design just kind of draws itself too. It basically evolves out of the scribbles and sketches I lay down even if  I hadn’t consciously thought of it. I think it’s a lot of fun to just let loose and not think too much about it, but of course I have bad and good days— mostly the former. Orz

I hope that helps ; v;

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